Story by Kelly A. Wassinger
Photos by StSteven @

Gracie - Photos by StSteven of

Andrew Balasia, know by the stage name of Gracie, delivers a sound that cannot necessarily be defined. Even Balasia has trouble defining what he calls, “somewhere in the realm of pop, some r&b…it’s hard to put into a genre box.” Balasia is influenced by all different artists like Prince, and his recent obsession, Animal Collective. He is also inspired by literature, movies, and soundtracks, and jokes if you ever go into his car be prepared to find a collection of untitled mixes sprawled all over.

His music is complex and offers both poetic lyricism and whimsical beats. It embodies elements of electronica, pop, r&B, and hip-hop, all in one bundle.

Ever since high school, Balasia has been making music mostly to entertain his friends. On his 21st birthday he decided to put out his first song and just the next day, received attention from a digital recording label.

He released an EP this past June called “For Summer.” Aptly named, it has a summery and airy feel to it. Perfect for summer days and nights. He also released a collaborative project called “Quilts” with San Francisco artist, Stefaloo, and in January, hopes to release “Treehouse,” featuring a track called “Sisters.”

“Its kind of surreal how fast it moves,” Balasia is shocked how far he has come in just a short period of time. He has already played multiple shows around Philly and in DC, and is aiming to launch a promo tour in February, as well as a West Coast tour this summer. He has also appeared at CMJ, a festival in NY, this past summer, and in the future hopes he can do a world tour.