Yesterday rolled around and I felt more even footed since I recognized some of the streets. I made my way over to Buffalo Billiards where Phantogram was scheduled to be interviewed by NextRadio.  Due to an unfortunate tooth related emergency, they bailed.

MS MR was interviewed about a half and hour later.  When asked by the interviewer what their secret was for blowing up to this point, they seemed as stumped as anyone else.  MS MR was able to take their power pop above an underground status,  have their music video for “Hurricane” shared and tweeted several times over and made their band name pop out from a long list of artists and showcases.  The duo didn’t lay it out blow for blow, but the message sounded like: work hard on your music and the business side of things, and with a little bit of luck, you could make it, just like them.

MS MR @ SXSW 2014  - Photo by: Megan Matuzak

MS MR @ SXSW 2014 – Photo by: Megan Matuzak


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