Tuesday is the New Friday with Free Energy, Hollerado and Mechanical Fox.

Typically, Tuesdays consist of Highlifes and T-minus in the Lizard Lounge.  However, this past Tuesday Mechanical Fox, Hollerado and Free Energy turned things up a notch.  According to Menno, frontman of Hollerado, “we turned this Tuesday into a Friday.” At first, when Menno brought up the reclassification of Tuesday early in the show, everyone was skeptical. Many probably thought “this Candian got into the wrong bacon.” However, by shows end, with giant confetti bursts, sing-alongs and Neil Young covers, everyone was in accordance.  Tuesday November 30th officially became classified as a Friday. A retelling of the epic night ensues:

Lancaster-based Mechanic Fox primed the Chameleon crowd.  This two man band, taking the typical route of two man bands – makes surprisingly deep and complex music out of a drum kit, pre-recorded track and bass guitar.  The front man was even kind enough to dedicate each song to the crowd along with interjections of political beliefs:  “A sweet sound from me to you…legalize marijuna.”  With commentary like that, you know you do not want to miss Mechanical Fox the next time they hit the stage. Get at their free demo here: http://mechanicalfox.blogspot.com/.

Following Mechanical Fox, the Canadians Hollerado took the stage determined to get this Tuesday to Friday status.   From poppy harmonies, quirky lyrics and epic musical climaxes, Hollerado definitely amped up the Chameleon crowd one step closer.  Key moments adding to Tuesday’s upgrade: the Hollerado hit “Americanarama”, watching the Canadians drink American Pale Ale from Stoudt’s Brewery and Free Energy getting on stage for a few songs.  A quirky and fun band, check out their site and myspace to get a taste for these guys’ style and to also catch tracks off their new album Record in a Bag. (yes it really comes in a bag.)

Free Energy took the torch from Hollerado and finished the night off with a bang, pop. Pun intended. Free Energy covered all the hits off their newest work Stuck On Nothing. Their poppy, upbeat jams had all the ladies dancing.  By the end some even ended up on stage.  Mid-way through the set, Hollerado joined Free Energy with confetti guns in hand and ended the show with a “blast.”

Both bands joined in on the encore, which consisted of two covers of classic American rockers.  Paying tribute to their Philadelphia roots, Free Energy jumped into a respectful rendition of “Im Goin Down” by Bruce Springsteen.  Fitting for the evening’s close, the final song was Neil Young’s “Rockin’ in the Free World.”        Everyone jumping on stage, confetti floating down, beer spraying and the entire crowd screaming the lyrics to “Rockin’ in the Free World,” yep, this past Tuesday was officially a Friday.