When I go to the band’s website I am immediately drawn in.The screen loads and there is a movie of the band messing around in some basement  and playing funky instruments,an accordion and old violin.A shot of someone holding a polaroid of the band.A scene of someone loading 35mm film into an old cameraIt’s all very trippy and fun and kind of old fashioned and fresh all at the same time.”How original”I think.The music,songs from their debut EP “Fierce Remains” on the Cheapo Record label is a perfect soundtrack to the film, simple songs with sweet harmonies played with whimsy and verve.Think  Incredible String Band and The Roches with a dash of Laura Viers thrown in.I get to chat with Sarah Gurlish who founded the band with her husband Brandon in advance of their EP release party at Johnny Brendas next Friday,August 6th.”My husband Brandon and I have been playing music together for the past 7 years.This incarnation of the band became complete with the addition of guitarist Jeff Scott in December.””Our influences come from a lot of different places.Sarah Pisano who plays viola in the band was only playing classical music before she joined us”.The quintet is rounded out by bassist Steve Wittig.The creative process is a total collaborative effort at this point.”Someone will bring something to rehearsal and we flesh it out as a band”.Sarah writes all the lyrics however.”It’s kind of intimidating and still pretty new for me.I am still a bit unsure about putting my feelings on paper.I listen to someone gifted like Colin Malloy from The Decemberists or Dylan and realize what a amazing craft lyric writing is.”For the recording of the EP the band worked in the Villanova studio of producer Al Bogusky.”He is a real experienced guy,a drummer who has played in lot’s of bands,he pushed us to get things tight and it payed off.The work we did in pre-production made the project really easy. We basically just had to press record”.”The comfort they felt in the studio is evident on the EP.I ask about plans for touring.”We all work day jobs so it’s a bit hard.”In the meantime they have dates booked regionally in the Philly area as well as New York and Baltimore.The band has been rehearsing heavily in preparation for the upcoming shows.”We love to be together.We eat dinner and then practice for hours.We love to play together.”This certainly bodes well for a young band.My last question is about the name.”My husband loves Willy Wonka.”Oh,of course,the always gum chewing Violet Beauregard who turns purple after chewing the purple gumball.I should have known.It makes sense.