As soon as you walked into the Electric Factory, it becomes very clear that Absolut knows how to throw one hell of a party. All details for the event were kept hush hush, you had to RSVP to find out the location and time and were encouraged to dress to impress. Each general admission attendee received a silver mask with a black “X” painted on it to create a mysterious masquerade feel across the entire venue.

A DJ duo got the party started as Amazonian women with blonde and blue buns, futuristic grab and dark face paint roamed the venue.  Absolut drinks were flowing and tasty Hors d’œuvres were served.

TS 1

Twin Shadow was the main act of the night.  He has this undeniably dancy 80s music. Everyone was feeling toasty from the Absolut and The Electric Factory erupted into a dance party. The crowd was showered with confetti for the finale; dancing party goers stopped to let the confetti tickle their bodies as a huge smile swept over their faces.  The Absolut X party was an excellent way to kick off the weekend.