I had that all too rare occurence a couple of months ago when I immediately became obsessed with a song I heard on my radio.From the opening bass groove to the swirling ethereal backgrounds to the seductive Nico meets Mae West through a megaphone vocals I was instantly transported.The song was All Around And Away We Go by the Long Island band Twin Sister.I wanted to hear it over and over so I purchased the EP Color Your Life which is their second offering on the Infinite Best label  and is their follow up to 2008’s Vampires With Dreaming Kids.The quintet creates a wonderfully strange and mysterious sonic world but always with that serious groove. Songs such as The Other Side Of Your Face and Galaxy Plateau literally lift off a spaceship. With nods to sound pioneer Joe Meek and maybe even a little early Pink Floyd but also very fresh and modern and with those wonderfully eerie vocals.I needed to know more and Gabe the bassist was gracious enough to give me a few minutes of his time.The back story is thus.Friends living and playing in bands is assorted towns on the south shore of the Island.Some of the friends grow up and move on to “real” lives,college,careers,etc.These five stay together dedicated to creating the sound.Gabe on bass,Andrea on vocals,Eric on guitar,Bryan on drums and Udbhav[sounds like above] on keyboards.”The current incarnation of the band has been together about two years” says Gabe.”The name comes from the fact that one of the band members mom’s has a twin sister.”Influences can come from anywhere we  all write and are totally open to everything”.Andrea and guitarist Eric have been making music together for about seven years so there is a strong creative foundation to build upon.”Songs come from everywhere.Sometimes someone will bring in something fully fleshed out and other times it’s just pieces of things we put together”. A new full length is  in the primordial stage with rough tracks just being recorded.They have now also been getting distribution and support from the Brooklyn label Badabing Records which features  bands such as Beirut and Shearwater.This affiliation with Badabing has helped the band secure a spot on a tour with the band Bear in Heaven which will find them travelling south down the coast  to New Orleans.The tour lasts until the end of August and in September the band travels to Canada with the band Memoryhouse. I end our conversation by thanking Gabe for his time and wishing the band the best.He has a tour to prepare for and I have to sit on my porch and listen to All Around and Away We Go a bunch more times before the summer is over.