What a treat to spend last Thursday night grooving to the original sounds of two local bands that each play their own style of psychedelic music.

Dirk Quinn- DQB - Dirk Quinn, Michael Borowski, Stephen Kurtz, and Steve Zegray, with Peter Sprecht of Flux Capacitor. Photo by StSteven of PhilipsPhoto.com

Flux Capacitor’s sound “resonates from ancient mysticism to futuristic visions obtained through lucid dreaming.” The three brothers are not just good musicians, but they are very comfortable experimenting with their songs, finding good grooves, and seeing where they go. This night they went to some good places, and kept the crowd dancing through the entire set.

Dirk Quinn Band, a jazz and funk band that jams in a style that is not just unique, but fabulous. Their high energy level is driven by Dirks soaring guitar leads and Mike Borowski’s impeccable keyboard playing, over solid drum and bass beats. DQB spends a lot of time touring, but play very regularly in the Philly area and they have a devoted fanbase. Sit-ins by Peter Specht (Flux’s lead guitar player) and Adam Monaco, a local musician who brought his mandolin, made for some special moments during the band’s second set.

Being able to enjoy this show with so many special friends, many of whom you can see in the photo gallery (below) made this a perfect evening.