Universal Order Of Armageddon

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Universal Order Of Armageddon

Trophy Wife, Nothernmost

7PM -$10

Sunday Jan 23rd 2011

Universal Order Of Armageddon

First show in Philadelphia in 16 years. Guitar as sloppy science. Bass as barfight. Drum as brick hypnosis. Voice as missing file. Universal Order of Armageddon has had it’s music released by record labels such as Kill Rock Stars, Gravity, and Jade Tree.

“Reunion implies history and legacy and acknowledgement of such, but UOA just is, a band that would prefer to live always in the present and always in that present moment’s own context. A show, whether this year or in another 16 years, should be like “popping out of a manhole,” Joy says. No genre, no time.”- Michael Byrne, Baltimore City Paper, Jan. 19th, 2011

Trophy Wife
There are plenty of female rockers, but rockers that make rock for women are less abundant. Trophy Wife is one of the rare groups that makes ear-shattering, vocal chord-shredding songs without sacrificing insight, advancement and intelligence. It’s an uncommon mixture of raw, unabashed intensity and sharp-tongued lyricism, and Trophy Wife embraces this dichotomy fully
From Baltimore.
Venue Information:
The Barbary
Philadelphia, PA
951 N Frankford Ave

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