That moment of despair when you are losing the person you love, and you can’t imagine all the times you have had together just fading to distant memories. I vibed off Honey Butter’s emotional strings and gritty bass during this exact time of my life. There was not a happy ending, but I am glad I captured this emotion, and that Charlie (Honey Butter) brought it to life. Take a listen to ‘Times” below!

Honey Butter (aka Charlie Maynard) is a Los Angeles based musician and producer with a thirst for lofty soundscapes, cotton candy rhythms and delightfully emotive vibes. Hailing from South London, Chris Savor is currently roaming NYC creating emotional electronic music with some of the top new producers emerging from the beat maker scene. Once his journey is over, Savor will return to the mother land to spin tales of conquest to all that will listen.

Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/eathoneybutter/times-ft-chris-savor