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If the crowds on Record Store Day are any form of barometer, vinyl is riding a resurgent wave of popularity. That notion is further buoyed by sales data that backs up the argument that a format once left for dead under Digital’s banner of “Perfect Sound Forever” is becoming relevant again. While clearly not a threat to digital downloads, sales of more than 4.5 million vinyl pressings in 2012 in the U.S. alone has music labels issuing new releases and reissues of older recordings as fast as they possibly can to capitalize on demand from a new generation of listeners.

Interestingly, vinyl’s new found vitality has some record labels including CDs and digital download coupons inside record jackets with each new release; an admission of the reality that consumers still want a digital copy of their favorite music to enjoy on their mobile device or home audio system.*

But what about the new vinyl that doesn’t come with a download coupon, or all of those old records that you’ve stored in the IKEA Expedit shelves for years? Or, the music that was never released in a digital format at all!?  Either way – save the $ on buying it twice and let us digitize your vinyl for you!

Digitize Your Vinyl Records at TSI

Here’s your chance to get that full bodied hi-fi vinyl record sound to listen to ON THE GO!  We now offer Vinyl Record Digitizing services to professionally record your vinyl records to MP3 or WAV files (your choice) to add to your personal digital music collection.


TSI Vinyl Preparation & Recording

To ensure you get the best possible recording of your vinyl records, we review and check for damage, dust and other debris. Depending on the condition of the record, it’s cleaned using several of our Vinyl cleaning methods. We use a high-fidelity Shure Stylus (aka the needle) and balanced pickup cartridge on our professional quartz-accurate weighted direct drive turntable, which is weighed and balanced for even playback. The audio signal is routed through a RIAA turntable preamp, then digitized using our professional-grade audio card. We then store your vinyl in one of our anti-static & anti-scratch poly-lined record sleeves.

PLEASE NOTE: We only provide digitization service for 33 1/3 & 45 RPM records.


MINIMUM JOB: $240.00

Vinyl to MP3 or WAV: $35

Priced per side of 12″ LP. Discounts start at 5 LP’s. Contact us for custom quote.

Price includes digital files sent via dropbox



Audio CD: + $15

Price includes vinyl recorded and copied to audio CD format to be played in all CD players with the ability to be imported into iTunes or any other CD to MP3 transfer system.

Digital Re-mastering : +$30

Priced per sided of 12″ LP. Once the audio is recorded, we can either convert to WAV or MP3 file with the natural Vinyl sound/noise (preferred by many vinyl lovers) OR we can run each file through our digital post processing that will add new life to your old records. We run specialized software that ‘fixes’ the audio by removing pops and clicks inherent to vinyl records. We finish with any necessary compression and amplification before it’s trimmed into individual tracks and burned onto a CD-R (or) saved as audio files.



For more information or to setup a time to drop off or ship your vinyl for digitizing please email or call us!



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* words from digital trends

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