This summer on August 8th and 9th Walla Fest will be making a big move from the small Philly suburb of Norristown, PA to PhilaMOCA.  For the fifth summer in a row, the Walla Family will once again be bringing music, art, film and vendors together under one roof. Over the course of two days this year’s show will include 16 bands, an art show, two film screenings, vendors, good food and other spontaneous Walla happenings that you have to be there to experience.  

Since the summer 2011, Walla Fest has prided itself in bringing the laid-back atmosphere of the suburbs together with the excitement of a show that would usually only exist in the city.  The move can more or less be summed up with co-founder Anthony Bui’s thoughts on the matter, “I’m going to miss having it at home but you have to make moves for progress.” 

Although moving Walla Fest to Philly marks a geographical shift, the vibe that the creators have gone for in the past will stay put. 

“There’s a certain kind of friendliness that I think Walla Fest has, it’s probably because of having it in a Theater that’s down the street from where we’re all from. We want to continue to go for that feeling though. Walla should always feel friendly and collaborative in some way. It’s really about the experience of it all, it’s exciting to make a space that people can maybe discover something new in.” says co-founder Keba Robinson. 

Another founder, Yesenia Bello, thinks similarly, “We want to keep making Walla an even better incarnation every year.  The Center Theater was such a unique environment to have a show in and we hope to bring all the creative, diverse, freaky experimental fun that we’ve been able to develop in Norristown to PhilaMOCA. It should be interesting.”

Walla Fest has also launched a Kickstarter to help them in their move to Philly.


Walla Fest is a two night music/art/film/vendor show that was founded in Norristown,PA at The Center Theater in the summer of 2011. Our goal is to cultivate a space for bands, artists and audiences, both local and beyond, to gather around and bask in the glory of being creative, unique individuals.

We dig the idea of reimagining the structure of shows and exhibitions through blurring the line that often exists between audience and artist. At Walla, spectators are the completion of the creative equation. We hope to encourage the audience to take part in collaborative experiences; dancing, looking, listening, sharing, talking, and eating together is fun!

“Walla Presents” is a child of Walla Fest that began in the fall of 2014. We put together smaller and more frequent shows under this name in different locations. So far we’ve had two shows at Brooklyn’s Shea Stadium and one Philly house show this past January.