walla fest

August 8th and 9th will mark Walla Fest’s first gathering in Philly and they couldn’t be happier about housing at  PhilaMOCA this time around. Once again, The Walla Family will be bringing music, art, film, and vendors together under one roof. Over the course of two days this year’s show will include 16 bands, an art show, two film screenings, vendors, good food and other spontaneous Walla happenings that you have to be there to experience.  See the full lineup and schedule below.


4PM: ART SHOW OPENING with Cal Fish, Elliot Bech, Krispy Feldman, Lydia AD, Madeline Babuka Black, Michelle Krysztofiak & Stu Olshevski. The show will be on view through August 9th.

5PM: EARLY SHOW STARTS with LittlerShannen MoserMothpuppy & Rhetoric Wallace & Uncle Crimson

7:40PM: SCREENINGS of Super Stupid!!! by Madeline Babuka Black, Am I Next? by Transient Pictures, and He Miss Road by Charles Cadkin and Rob Hunt


8:50PM: LATE SHOW STARTS with Brandon Can’t Dance, NAH, Clique & Mannequin Pussy


5PM: EARLY SHOW STARTS with KississippiBuddy Leezle, Landmarks & Frontyards

7:40PM: SCREENINGS of A Vicious Heart directed by Sophia Bennett Holmes, Disposer by Elliot Bech, We’re Gonna Be Lords directed by Robert Lopuski, and Things are OK by Cory McConnell
8:50PM:  LATE SHOW STARTS with Rich FlowTurnip KingHello Shark & Norwegian Arms

*Vendors will be at Walla Fest from 4pm-midnight each day, they will change for the early and late shows.*

Tickets can be purchased in advance here