The Columbus, Ohio duo are at it again. Just a few weeks after releasing their first single, “Fairly Local,” off sophomore album, Blurryface, twenty one pilots have wow-ed us again. The fellas dropped the second track & music video for “Tear In The Heart” Sunday night.

Compared to “Fairly Local,” fans might be the only ones that truly understand why there is such a difference in the style of song. twenty one pilots have been known to not belong to a music genre. Their music is a bit, well, going in all directions, which is exactly how they plan it to be. Frontman, Tyler Joseph, doesn’t confine himself during the writing process to a certain style because if you start blocking off ideas, you aren’t able to get all you can out of your brain and creativity.

Photo provided by twenty one pilots' Facebook page

Photo provided by twenty one pilots’ Facebook page

“Tear In My Heart” is about a girl. And love. And letting someone in. Joseph’s friggen beautiful wife (they wed last Saturday) stars in the music video as his love interest. This isn’t shocking because the song has got a 95% chance that it was actually written for her.

The pop love song brings back the piano, which plays a major role in much of their music. “Tear In My Heart” takes a pivot turn from the dark, rapping, inner-demons of “Fairly Local.” Just by observing these ying-yangs of a pair of songs, Blurryface will provide fans with the normal abnormality that they are used to and love.

Check it out and see which song you prefer. Or both – because they are fantastic!