Power Trip - Performance

Power Trip

Late on friday night, fans began lining up at the newly opened Bushwick venue Palisades for a Brooklyn Vegan curated, triple-threat bill of White Lung, Power Trip, and Sick Feeling.

Audience - atmosphere


This Red Bull Sound Select showcase kicked things off with local New Yorkers Sick Feeling; the newly formed band features members of Ink & Dagger, Trail of Dead, and Trash Talk. The audience at first seemed slow to rise to sonic challenge but by the end of short set some of the bolder souls flailed around the central beam to the wailing and screaming on stage.

Sick Feeling - Performance

Sick Feeling

Suddenly at the beginning of Power Trip’s set, the crowd erupted into a churling mosh pit, elbows flew and bodies soared off of PAs as the 5-piece metal-heads leaned into the power chords while hair whipped and sweat sprayed.

Power Trip - Performance

Power Trip

White Lung - Performance

White Lung

For the final set of the night, starting sometime after 2am, White Lung took the stage as the audience began to wane in energy but am unfortunate confrontation at the start of the set emboldened singer Mish Way into a flurry of expletives and performative vitality, as the band finished with an intensity and urgency that revived the energy from earlier in the night.