WKDU’s Blast From the Past Alumni DJ Weekend

-Info Courtesy of WKDU’s website

Tune in to WKDU Saturday December 18th and Sunday December 19th to hear Alumni DJs spin just like they used to! DJs from the 1970’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s will return to the airwaves, plug in their laptops or may choose to go old school and just cue up the turntables. Among the live DJ’s scheduled are Bill Gellhaus and Bruce Walack from the seventies, Mark Grossman, Pete Fasolo, Mike Eidle and Bill McFarland from the eighties, the nineties bring Gina Bulleri, David Fernandes, Denise Thompson, Hans Specht and the 2000’s with Tim Herron and Thomas Storck. Some prerecorded shows will also air sent in by alumni unable to fly in from the UK, Texas and Wisconsin. The flashback starts at 8am Saturday morning and continues late into Sunday night.

Tentative Schedule:
8-10 Ginny
10-12 Mike + Trixie
12-14 Hans Specht
14-16 Gena Buleri
16-18 Kay Nothstein
18-20 Brian Flaherty
20-22 Denise Thompson
22-0 Tim Herron

0-2 Joe Fazekas
2-4 OPEN
4-6 OPEN
6-8 Jim Kleissler
8-10 Bill McFarland
10-12 Mark Grossman
12-14 Bill Gellhaus
14-16 Bruce Wallack
16-18 Pete Fasolo
18-20 Laris Kresslin
20-22 Thomas Stork
22-0 David Fernades

0-2 Seth Soffer

-Pic Courtesy of WKDU’s Site