Woods (Acoustic) w/ Ducktails

R5 Productions Presents ::

Woods (Acoustic)




Mon, February 7, 2011

7:30 pm

Woods (Acoustic)

Sun soaked, acid bathed dose of strummy pop from NJ. basks in the same sunny day euphoria that radiates from other Woods records, complete with falsetto vocals, clumsy percussion and reverb on -everything-. Dense layers of woozy vocals and weird Casio sounds busy the songs as small details and hidden instruments reveal themselves in a sea of psychedelic clatter. Super warped and drugged out. Woodist Records


Ducktails aka Matt Mondanile from Real Estate. Gloriously murky tropical lo-fi garage surf pop. There’s lots of antiquated drum machine, warbly synths, playful woozy sun dappled melodies, plenty of tape hiss and amp buzz, definitely raw and muddy but also weirdly lush. Olde English Spelling Bee

Venue Information:
First Unitarian Side Chapel
Philadelphia, PA
2125 Chestnut Street

Author: Steph

The Mother of Tri State Indie- recovering major label and corporate slave, grassroots marketing junkie, and sincere indie music lover.

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