XPN Welcomes Lykke Li

Presented by TLA – Theatre of the Living Arts at TLA – Theatre of the Living Arts

May 16, 2011

Lykke Li performs at the TLA.




8:00 pm

TLA – Theatre of the Living Arts

334 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

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“When you’re dancing, you free your emotions and say things you can’t with words. You’d never tell how shy I am if you saw how I dance…”

Lykke Li can’t stay still. Her life and her career are relentlessly pulled forward by an impatient desire to see what’s just around the corner, her music full of ideas about moving on and breaking free. Just 18 months ago she was complaining to her mentor, Bjorn ‘of Peter and John fame’ Yttling, that everything had gone wrong because she was 21 and still hadn’t released an album. Now 22, she’s finding that things are on track. With the release of that album ‘Youth Novels’, already out in Sweden through her own label LL Recordings, she’s been surprised and maybe a little embarrassed to find that the world is falling at her feet. She’s just the kind of person people can’t help falling in love with. -for more click here