Modern Rock Madness is in full swing (as of 9:00 this morning) and boy was day 1 a doosey.  Get the results from day 1 here: to see the Madness!  Also, tune into tomorrow morning to vote.  If you can’t hop online to vote, text 267-293-YNOT to rep your favorite band!  Stay in the loop on twitter using hashtag #ynotmadness to see how the votes pan out throughout the day.

Go get your brackets now:

Upsets! Upsets! Upsets!  Day 1 was a day for the underdog!  Everyone loves an upset story, right?  But  Garbage over Nirvana? Flaming Lips over Coldplay?  Smashing Pumpkins over Modest Mouse?  Whould-a-thunk?  For those of you who read my preview for day 1, I would just like to apologize first for being an astonishing 0 AND 4 on the match-ups I analyzed.

They really do call it Madness for a reason.  I sit here wondering what tomorrow’s voters will bring.  I guess I made the fatal flaw of assuming that hype and new releases could mean success, but that formula is debunked for sure after today!  So because of that, I offer no predictions!  Just look out for the underdog.  Could The National take down R.E.M?  Could St. Vincent preach Morrissey and The Smiths off of their high pulpit?  Could the Cold War Kids bring the freeze and (dare I say it) bring death to Death Cab for Cutie?   You tell us!



Bands to Watch:

Foo Fighters:  Yes people, they are a (1) seed!  Believe it!  They rock, but tomorrow, we’ll see  just how hard when they face off with Lykke Li.

Black Keys:  This Ohio duo has been ripping up the charts, radio, and underground hype with their DangerMouse produced El Camino.  Everyone I’ve heard loves them, and nobody I’ve talked to hates them, so well see where the voter put them.  They face off with The Kooks tomorrow.

And with that, I’ll bid you adieu, as I fear any other insights I give will be as disturbingly wrong as they were last time.