I have written this article to help you along the bewildering road that leads to a successful Indie Music Career. The intention, thoughts and suggestions in this article are simple, I am not saying that they’re always easy. There’s work to be done, but it’s the kind of work that’s well within your skill. Over the years I have noticed the difficulties that most Indie Music folks have, even those who put in a lot of good work, one of the most difficult is using their time on the wrong things. When you finish reading this article you should have a clearer direction for Your Indie Music Career.

I have written some attitudes which I believe will help you as they have helped me over the years:

1) Whenever you take action to promote Your Indie Music Career, you must understand what your purpose is and why you’re taking the action. The best way to make sure you’re doing things in the right way is to develop a plan that makes sense, make sure that you have very focused goals, and realize that you need to provide a benefit to everyone you connect with in the music business.

2) Think outside the box. We are creatures of habit. We become set in our ways and develop routines, which is why it’s no surprise that we slip into narrow ways of doing things. Habits are quite useful when they involve, for instance, recording, mixing, and mastering, being on time for your recording session and tuning your guitar. But when it comes to promoting Your Indie Music Career, this routine way of thinking and acting is stunting your growth. When you market yourself the same way you’ve always done it, or the same way every other artist is doing it, you become part of the Indie Music bog were everyone looks and sounds the same.

Over the next several weeks, I am going to nudge and prompt you to be different, to expand your thinking, to focus your goals and actions, in essence, to become a true Indie Music Marketing Machine. I won’t be talking about national advertising, music videos or worldwide distribution. I am going to encourage you to understand that this is Your Indie Music Career and what happens is completely up to you:

* How to work from the trenches with little or no money.
* Using overlooked techniques to give your music more exposure.
* Developing a following one fan at a time.
* How to use each success as a stepping stone to bigger and more significant success.

I will challenge you to do some serious soul searching and then commit your thoughts to paper. In these next articles I will take the main points covered throughout the article and ask you to write in your notebook your thoughts for Your Indie Music Career. I urge you to use your notes. For it is here where my suggestions come to life and become your own. By writing in your notebook, you’ll get a clearer idea of where you are and in what direction you need to be heading.