As I was on my way from Philly to the Poconos to see Yonder Mountain String Band at Penn’s Peak, Zach was on his way from Boulder, Colorado to Marvin’s Mountaintop to get ready for his performance at the All Good Music Festival in Masontown, WV. I just saw him at the Blockely Pourhouse in Philly a few weeks ago, where he had the entire audience whipped up into a dance party frenzy. This will be Zach’s first time on the All Good stage, and he is really looking forward to playing, catching some good shows, and hopefully jamming with some of the other great musician’s down there. I asked Zach about his musical influences, and his number one was Ray Charles. He also mentioned having grown up as a guitar player listening to the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Scofield, Django Reinhardt, and many other Jazz guitarists. But how did you make the transition from a guitar player in a band to a one man show? “Entirely by accident,” Deputy said, explaining that he had a gig one night and a couple of his band mates couldn’t make it, so he experimented with the one simple looping pedal he had in his kit. He liked what happened that night, and so evolved into a one man show. Asked about other feasts he loves, Zach mentioned two as being among his favorite spots – Wormtown and Bear Creek. He likes big festivals because of the energy, and the chance to go out and mix with his audience. Asked about what he’s listening to these days, he talked about his love for funk music, naming bands like Lettuce and the New Mastersounds. So get down to All Good, and check out Zach Deputy tomorrow on the Dragon Stage and his island infused, drum ‘n bass, gospel-ninja-soul one man show. And check out his new album, Another Day on Eusonia Records.

Interview and Article by: Steven Philips