Raspy vocals backed by piano, rustic guitar riffs and soft female harmonies is what you can expect to hear on Zak Smith’s latest work, the self tiled Zak Smith. It encompasses an all American rock feel which can easily describe Smith’s overall style.

Inspired by musicians like The Clash and Sex Pistols, Smith was more influenced by the meaning behind the music than the actual music itself, claiming that it taught him the difference between “who the good guys were and who the bad guys were.”

When I asked Zak if there was a certain message he wanted to portray through his own music he stated, “If I can hit a nerve in somebody, in any sense of that, than I’ll have probably done something right. I think one of the things that a great song can do is make you less confused about life. Like 3 minutes of clarity, and until its over things make sense.”

Zak Smith previous records include As Rome Burned (2007), Deep Water (2008), An Endless Doubt (2008) and Haunted Feet (2011).

While discussing his personal growth as an artist along with his latest release, Smith described, “I feel like I know what to do now, before this album I was just trying everything in a way to see what worked. After this album I feel like I know what my strengths are and what could make the band really unique if I go the right way.”

The New Jersey performer has two shows coming up in Asbury Park, NJ. One on August 7th at The Stone Pony and another on August 20th at The Saint.

To listen to Zak Smith’s self titled record click below and to find out more about Zak Smith check out www.zaksmithband.com.
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